How does the wound of injustice manifest in love affairs?

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The wound of injustice: how it manifests itself in love

You were in a relationship with someone who didn’t want to commit and when he leaves you, he quickly gets engaged to someone else.

You think you have to be perfect, to behave in a certain way to be loved.

You find it hard to make up your mind when it comes to love.

The wound of injustice can take many forms in love.

This article is part of a series of 5 articles I wrote about the 5 wounds of the soul according to Lise Bourbeau. Check out the article on the wound of rejection to identify which wound is most relevant to you.


The wound of injustice is an evolution of the wound of rejection

Having experienced rejection, you have lost the hope of attracting situations that are beneficial to you and you keep experiencing situations of injustice, whether in love, at work or in your life. This wound of injustice paralyses you in your decision making or action and this can take different forms:

  • You attract situations of injustice to yourself.
  • You think that you are unlucky in love and that you cannot change the situation (feeling of defeatism or powerlessness).
  • You have the feeling that it never stops, that you always have to overcome trials and mountains.
  • You may even become superstitious or feel victimized by your karma.
  • You think you have to be perfect to be loved, so you may accept too much from the other person (because you are not perfect enough to demand). Or you don’t dare to go to the partners you really like, or this prevents you from making your demands for fear of being wrong.
  • You control your actions to the utmost and go beyond your own limits to appear perfect. You are easily burned out.
  • You have difficulty letting yourself be loved and opening yourself up to love.
  • You can sometimes appear to be cold and struggle to show your love.
  • You may feel that you have missed out on great love stories.
  • You may close yourself off to tenderness, cuddling, touching and find it difficult to let yourself go sexually.
  • You feel rigid either because it is difficult for you to adapt to life as a couple or because your partner does not act the way you want. You would like to be more relaxed about it.
  • You constantly compare yourself to others and feel that it is unfair how much easier their love life is than yours.
  • You have trouble making decisions about love, such as whether your current partner is the right one for you or not, for fear of being wrong.
  • Anger and shame are common emotions that you feel when your level of perfection is not reached.

A simple wound can impact your love life in many ways. This is why the first step in my coaching is to identify the wounds that block you in love, in particular with the programme Opening up to Love.

Healing the wound of injustice

To heal the wound of injustice, there are two steps in my opinion:

  1. Understanding where this wound of injustice comes from in your past
  2. De-programming this automatic reaction in the body

In this free webinar I explain why our wounds from the past are stored in the body.

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Your challenge: give yourself the right to make mistakes

Healing the wound of injustice will enable you to react less emotionally to situations of injustice and to be less harsh with yourself.

It will also require you to reinforce behaviours that are more beneficial to you, learning that being loved starts with being gentle with yourself and giving yourself the right to be vulnerable.

It will also require learning to appreciate your imperfections and to believe that you can be loved for them.

If you want to implement these new habits in your life, then an individual coaching will give you the means to do so.