Do you recognize yourself

in these


  • Are you single for a long time or do you have a series of romantic failures?
  • Do you have trouble trusting the men you meet because of your past experiences?
  • Are you tired of not finding the « right » person?
  • Would you like to understand why your love stories always end badly?
  • Do you feel like you’re always repeating the same love patterns?
  • You are in a relationship but your partner does not commit or treat you the way you want?
  • Are you afraid to open yourself to love or to risk suffering again, after some disappointments in love?
  • You are fed up with dating sites, dates organized by friends, and feel marginalized when seeing others build their lives?

You have already tried everything:
to be less demanding, to be more demanding,
the « I run away from you, catch me »,
read books on personal development,
done numerous psychotherapy sessions…
but you have not obtained concrete or lasting results.


I know them very well:

I was accumulating sentimental failures with men who didn’t want to commit and were cheating on me.

I tried to change my behaviour, I tried several methods including psychotherapy, read lots of self-help books, I kept repeating the same patterns.

Until one day, I found the approach that transformed my love life.

I help you

to be happy
in Love


you too

  • You love yourself deeply as you are with your strengths, your weaknesses, and your vulnerabilities in your current life situation.
  • You regain confidence in yourself, you become aware of your value, reconcile yourself with your feminine and the power to be a woman.
  • You let Love into your life again.
  • You have more emotional serenity, whatever the external circumstances may be.
  • You stop reproducing the same love patterns over and over again.
  • You finally meet the right person who wants to get involved with you to build the life you’ve been dreaming of for a long time.
  • You have a fulfilled, balanced relationship based on respect and mutual commitment.
  • You come out of a difficult phase: long-term celibacy, crisis in the couple, separation, divorce.

That’s where

I can help you

And, that goes through the physical body first.

The first step is to heal from your past by deprogramming the wounds of your past at the body level.

This work is extremely important because it will change your automatisms in Love and avoid you from being always attracted to the wrong person (PS. there is no “wrong” person from my personal point of view) and repeat the same love patterns that make you suffer.

The second step consists in learning new tools that will allow you to improve your relationship with yourself and with others in total autonomy: learning to make your demands, setting your limits, learning to be in a relationship without forgetting yourself, managing conflicts and crises, learning emotional independence, making your partner engage in the relationship…

Because if we cannot control the actions or statements of our partner, we can keep control of our happiness in Love by deciding how they affect us and how we decide to react.

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  • Certificate in traumatic stress from the Trauma Research Foundation de Bessel Van der Kolk ( 7 months) 
  • Certified Breathwork coach ( Breath Masters training of Brian Kelly, 3 months)
  • Certification as a mental coach at the IPC Academy and the Life Coach School ( 6 months).
  • Training in Etiopsychologie ( 3 years, 550 hours+100h certified practice), Anatomy-Pathology (150 hours), Hypnobirthing and traditionnal Thai-Massage.
  • Other education: SIY Mindfulness Training
  • I learned the Thai belly massage that allows me to bring out the surplus of emotions accumulated in the body since we were born.
  • I discovered kundalini yoga in 2018 and I am amazed by its impact on hormones and energy. I am currently training to become a kundalini yoga teacher.
  • I am a French native speaker, speak German, English, Spanish and understand Swiss-German.
  • My other passions are family, friends, travelling, sports and cooking.
  • My professional life before: Master’s degree in Business Administration at the University of HEC Lausanne and 18 years of experience as Product Manager 
Life Coach School Brooke Castillo

10 facts

about me

  • I am a melting pot: ¼ Armenian, ¼ Italian and 1/2 French.
  • I have travelled in every continent, and during each trip I am moved by the kindness of people who have 300 times less than I and who share everything they have. When I travelled for a month in India, the Indian families were so concerned for me that they invited me to eat with them all the time. Some of them even took me to my next destination to make sure I was safe.
  • I hate ironing my clothes yet love ironed clothes (thank goodness for my master’s degree in negotiation!)
  • I am the queen of the dishwasher tetris (fill your dishwasher to the maximum) to my husband’s great despair.
  • I managed to arrive in Berlin on a Gothic evening in a chick-yellow dress because I thought it was the entrance to a salsa evening.
  • I used to have a lot of body complex’s (my sporty legs that had made me remarks like you have Roberto Carlos’ legs) and doubted my femininity and power until a Brazilian friend told me: “My darling, it’s normal if you don’t see that guys like you, they turn around behind you.” Then I went to Brazil to my friend’s wedding where the women were closer to my figure and I understood thanks to my friend that there are several types of beauty, several femininities and you just have to fully embody yours.
  • I met my husband on the ski slopes in Zermatt when I was the one who had organized the weekend and knew all the guests. A friend withdrew at the last minute and he filled the vacant spot. The craziest thing is that I had “planned” my vision board: I was preparing a mountain race at the time and I had put the picture of Viktor Röthling welcoming a runner to the finish line. 8 months after our meeting, my husband was indeed waiting for me at the finish line of my race.
  • At 32 years old, I ran a 31 km race with 3000m of altitude difference to overcome my belief that I was not athletic. And there I discovered the power of mental training and the incredible power of the human body.
  • I have moments when I feel anxious: am I a good mother? am I serving my clients well? will my relationship last? In those moments I know I’ve crossed my limit, that I have to slow down and take a break.
  • I have a temperament, educational principles that are quite opposed to my husband. This requires a lot of dialogue, an understanding of the other’s perspective. We have been through several crises and we have emerged from them every time for the past 7 years.