Reconnecting with your body

Reconnecting with your body

This article is the beginning of a 4 part series where I will share techniques that will help you reconnect with your body or help your body to empty its stored emotional surplus. Please note that these methods do not allow you to deprogram your recorded reaction patterns, which is what we do on Past Day with the body-psych approach. You can read What is a love pattern, where I explain this in more detail.

If you have health concerns or often have intense emotional waves, it means that your body has lost confidence in your ability to be part of its team regardless of the external circumstances. So it needs to somehow build up your confidence again.

It requires you to recreate a ground of trust between your body and yourself

Your body needs to feel confident that you are there for it and that it doesn’t need to go into survival mode for you to take care of it.

It’s like becoming a parent to your body by reassuring it that you care about its needs and limitations and that it knows you are there for it.

This act of restoring your body’s confidence is a big step in developing the qualities of the heroine because if you cultivate these qualities through the body they are inherently more grounded. 

So how do you restore your body’s confidence?

  • Your body needs to know that you are keeping your commitments. If you decide to do something for your body’s well-being, honour that commitment and do it. 

  • Your body needs to feel safe. Does your body send you warning signals that you ignore (fatigue, stress, anxiety…)? If so, make sure you listen to these signals as soon as they appear.

  • Your body needs to feel respected in its needs. Do you take the time to connect with your body several times a day to know how it is doing? Are you overdoing it (work, alcohol, food, sport) or do you regularly look after your body (care, diet, medical or wellness visits…)

  • Your body needs to feel loved. What dialogue do you have with it? Do you stand up for it when people make fun of it? How do you let it know that you love it?

Tool 1 The body check-in. Ask your body every 3 hours how it is doing? What does it need (drink, eat, sleep, pee..)? What is the emotion of the moment? This will help you feel your inner barometer throughout the day.

Tool 2 Welcome your uncomfortable emotions. Where do you feel them in your body? Colours, sensations, lumps, intensity? Can you name the emotion? You can use the emergency meditation for this purpose.

Tool 3 Add body routines to connect to your body (breathing, yoga, sport). What counts is the intention to connect to your body rather than the desire to perform, which sometimes means not listening to your body.

Tool 4 The Breathwork technique, which you find in this video, because too much emotional storage is blurring your connection to the body as you have been rather focused on avoiding feeling. The second psycho-body approach that I practice in the day of the past also helps you to “empty” this storage.