Why being an entrepreneur challenges how you love yourself

Why being an entrepreneur challenges how you love yourself

Never in my life have I been confronted that much and on a regular basis with my self-love / self-worth as much as when I started my path as an entrepreneur.

Let me explain my personal experience.

The imposter syndrome is directly linked to how much you love yourself

  • Who I am to do this?
  • There are hundreds of coaches or business women doing exactly the same thing as me, what can I bring more out in this world?
  • How can I call myself an expert in love? When I still struggle in my relationship sometimes?

The Imposter syndrome was such a big issue for me, but I started blogging about other coaches and therapists before I dared speaking about my own Vision on personal development and coaching.

It’s not that I lack so much self-confidence, but I do need it to reach a higher level. And every time I reach another level in my business, it hits me like a wave.

What personally helped me to break through this imposter syndrome was to build my self-confidence based on facts and results:

  • How many people resonate with my articles?
  • How many clients have clear results from my coaching?

Each time I allow myself to reduce my expectation: if my truth can help a person each day, then it’s enough.

And each time I need a boost, I remember the quote of Marie Forleo « The world needs the special gift that only you have».

Fixing my prices was a monetary evaluation of my own worth

Asking CHF 2500 for 4 months coaching on love relationship was not easy at first.

And it reflected in the hesitation of my customers: the price is high, it’s too much for me, I prefer to choose a therapist that my health insurance reimburses, can we do less than 4 months coaching?

I realized that I needed to fix this inside me, so it would have a different outcome in my business.

I first honestly asked myself what was on the priority list for my clients to get results. And the way I built my four-months coaching was really the best method to get results from my point of view. It gave me confidence that my proposal was right.

I just needed a little push on my self-worth. I was confident but not enough to ask this amount of money from potential clients. So I applied the psycho-body approach which I use to change the love patterns, to accept more abundance in my life and the results came straight away: I was fully booked and no customer ever discussed my price mark.

Work-life balance is all about self-love

As a coach I love to help people, so it was difficult for me to set healthy boundaries and to ensure a good work-life balance for myself. I was answering emails on weekends and evenings or when I had a day off with my son.

I am so passionate by what I do, I thus found it difficult to set boundaries as when I was an employee, because it doesn’t really feel like working.

I realised this fact, but out of office work it was also a self-love issue, for which I had the tendency to prioritise everything else and raise it above me: my clients, my work, my family, my obligations.

What helped me change this pattern was the quote of Gabby Bernstein:

“Your well-being is the first priority in your business”

And truth is: the more I apply this quote, the more successful is my business.

These are my rules to run my business now (and believe me, I still struggle to apply them all the time):

  • Stop working if I am tired. The work I do with a low level of energy will bring me low level result.
  • Plan my self-care as any other appointment.
  • If unplanned obligation comes up I compensate the same week.

My next goal is to implement the miracle morning, so I start the day with self-care. 

I plan to buy the 5 a.m. Club book from Robin Sharma to motivate myself. 

My gift to you

This self-love meditation I registered is a big helper to start growing your self-worth (and hopefully your business!).

Listen to it 40 days in a row and let me know the results!

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