Why do men run away from me?

Why do men run away from me?

You just met a new partner. At first, he is super attentive, on a regular basis and suddenly he becomes less available, or even disappears completely. And since it’s not the first time this happens to you, you might start wondering why are you scaring men away? pourquoi les hommes me fuient

Several possible cases to explain why men run away from me

A man running away from you isn’t necessarily a bad sign:

  • Maybe he just wanted a fling, and since he didn’t get what he wanted with you, he’s looking for someone else.
  • He realised that you were not compatible in terms of lifestyle or personality and he also has the right to change his mind.

In either cases you don’t need to question yourself. This is a normal process, at the beginning of a relationship each partner evaluates what he wants from the relationship and whether he wants to deepen it and take it to the next stage.

But these cases often represent the minority of situations.

The most common explanation

The main issue with the clients I receive in coaching is that they scare men away because they don’t take their role as the builder of the couple and give the man no clear framework for him to feel that he knows how to make her happy.

And without a clear framework, men run away.

Become the architect of your future couple

A man doesn’t like failure. It’s the worst thing that can happen to him..

And in love it’s sometimes hard for him to know what success is. That’s why he needs to know what the woman needs, so he can define his couple as a success. The woman must learn to express her needs clearly

Because men sincerely want to make their wives happy and fulfill their demands. (There are also physiological reasons for this and I explain this in my individual coaching).

Same cause

If you have some difficulties in fulfilling this role, it’s often because you have a past wound related to a female role in your life.

You may be rejecting your first female role model, your mother, or you may be repeating her role model in spite of yourself.

To help you think about this, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How was my mom in her relationships?
  • Were her needs heard?
  • Did my mother come close to my ideal woman?

It may also be because of a bad experience in your past where being a woman was a disadvantage compared to being a man, for example:

  • As a teenager, if you found it painful to have your periods or experience body changes
  • In your career because of pay inequities or macho remarks

The solution: reconnect with your feminine by healing your wounds in connection with the feminine.

The first step is to identify where your wounds are related to your internal woman.

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Becoming your couple’s architect is one aspect i am speaking about in my individual coaching.