The impact of your birth on your love life

The impact of your birth on your love life

Were you wanted?

Did your parents want a different child of the opposite sex?

Did you have a difficult birth?

Did your mother miscarry before you were born?

Have you ever had this feeling that you wanted a twin without really knowing why?

The way you came into the world, and even the in-utero period, has a great influence on your place in this world and especially in your love life.

Yogi Bhajan, one of the great teachers of the Kundalini method, says that a pivotal period in the development of an individual is between the 120 days of conception until the 40th day after birth, and that’s not without reason.

Your birth influences your place in this world

The more I coach in love, the more I realize the importance of birth in someone’s life:

  1. Your place may not be recognized. If you were unwanted, if your parents wanted a child of the opposite sex, if your mother miscarried before you and got pregnant before she could finish grieving, you may have unconsciously recorded that there is no place in this world for you and developed the following patterns: you don’t dare taking the place you deserve or you feel guilty about taking your place in relationships with others, you may also find it unfair to be a woman and have to fight against men who have more power or abilities than women in this world.
  2. You can get the feeling that keeping/having your place is an ongoing fight. If the birth process was difficult and you had to “fight” to get out, you may unconsciously find it almost normal to fight or be challenged to earn your place. In general, people who have gone through this kind of birth are strong fighters by nature; the problem is that they exhaust themselves by always fighting to prove that they deserve their place.
  3. You may feel a profound injustice. If you were born by caesarean section, or were triggered or forced out with forceps, you may feel that you are being forced to do things you don’t particularly want to do in your life and you often get into situations of injustice.

Healing the trauma of your birth to be happy in love

To be happy in love, it is important to heal the way you have taken your place in life and redefine how you want to take the place you deserve in your life and in your relationship.

And it goes through two main stages:

  • First, getting out the emotional shock of birth that is stored in your body. For this stage I use the Thai belly massage which allows to bring out and evacuate the emotions buried in our body.
  • Secondly, changing and deprograming how you take your place, then redefining how you wish to be in your life. Often you don’t personally remember your birth or your in-utero period, but if you have a deep problem with your place in life, you will tend to repeat this pattern throughout your entire life, whether it’s in love, work or friendships, that’s why it will be easy to spot what pattern of reaction you are repeating according to your place in life. And this work goes through the body.  Check out my free webinar to understand why these patterns are recorded at the body level.


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