Psycho-corporal approach for children

What is dysregulating

your child...

These are all life situations in which your child has experienced emotional stress and has not been able to regulate him/herself on his/her own or with the co-regulation of an adult: difficult births (caesarean section, forceps…), relationship difficulties (teasing at school, mobbing…), experiences with parents (arguments, unavailable parents, divorces…), experiences with parents (arguments, unavailable parents, divorces…), experiences linked to its body/dangers (medical interventions, accidents, illnesses of himself or those close to him) and finally all the times he has had strong emotional over-reactions (anger, sadness, anguish, injustice…).

These stresses activate the child’s survival system, dysregulate its autonomic nervous system and act as “glasses” through which the child will evaluate its new life experiences: increased frequency of emotional over-reactions, loss of confidence, more fears, more relationship difficulties…

The solution is to unprogram the events that activated its survival system, to prevent a repetitive pattern from developing.

Les retours des enfants


How do I proceed

The session
for child

This session will enable to unprogram the emotional stresses that are having a negative impact on your child’s life.

Process : 

  • Before the session, I ask the parents to fill in an assessment form to better understand the child’s current situation and experiences.
  • The session takes place in person and lasts 45 minutes, ideally in the presence of a parent unless the child prefers to be without the parent. During this session, we will work on 2-3 shocking events for the child, depending on the child’s ability to stay focused/motivated.
  • With a child, we don’t work on a repetitive pattern but on events, so it is recommended to do at least 2-3 sessions and/or until positive changes are observed in the child (more confidence, fewer over-reactions…).

Investment in time:

2-3 hours for the assessment, then 45 min per session.

Assessment Parent-Child

Before the first session, I’ll ask you to fill in an assessment form to better understand your vision of the current situation and your child’s difficulties. In the assessment, I’ll also ask for your child’s perception.

Child's session
in person

After reading the assessment, which will enable me to identify the events that have had the greatest impact on the child’s autonomic nervous system, I’ll ask the child to draw the event and describe its feelings, which will enable me to unprogram the imprint on its autonomic nervous system. Every significant event in our lives is recorded in our bodies. These events leave their imprint in our organs and are regularly reactivated when we experience a situation similar to the original event. Over time, our reactions are amplified: a slight fear at the outset can become profound anxiety a few years later.

Feedback from the child’s sessions

I explain the session
to your child

This session

is particularly useful


  • Is your child behaving in a disruptive or worrying way and you don’t know how to help?
  • You know that your child has had a difficult birth (Caesarean section, complications, etc.) or a shock (illness, accident, death of a loved one, etc.) and you want to prevent this from being imprinted on his or her nervous system.
  • Do you feel that your child is having relationship difficulties (teasing at school, lobbying…) and has lost confidence, and you don’t really know why?
  • Your child is (hyper)sensitive and overreacts quickly despite your best efforts?
  • Do you argue a lot with your partner or have you just split up and want to minimize the impact on your child?
  • You have trouble managing your child and lose patience easily.

I explain the session
to your child

J'explique la séance
à ton enfant

And much more


Meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, customized Bach flower blends. Because I’m convinced that body, mind and emotions are closely linked.

Depending on the case, I can offer parenting coaching in individual session or package which also includes work on one’s past, as an emotionally regulated parent helps their child to regulate themselves.



I’m a certified life coach and psycho-corporal therapist. My coaching is based on the principles of poly-vagal theory, which states that our autonomic nervous system determines our ability to relate (or not) to others according to our past experiences.

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