Bach flowers mix

Do you want to calm down emotionally and want a simple solution?
Do you want to calm down without necessarily starting coaching?

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Dr. Edward Bach has identified more than 38 different emotional states and proposes a specific Bach flower for each of these states. Bach’s flowers:
  • Help to manage the emotions that are tormenting you right now.
  • • Work on ingrained emotional patterns by working on the different emotions in their chronological order of appearance.
It is a very good support for daily life or during a coaching follow-up. Detail
  • 1 personalized mixture of Bach flowers of 10ml
Personalization On the basis of a questionnaire and an audio message, I will prepare a personalized Bach flower mix for you. If you have a child under 7 years old, I advise you to make a mixture for her/him too (+CHF 20)
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