How do I know he loves me?

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How do I know he loves me?

You would like to know if the person you have met is in love with you, and know the signs that shows that a man is in love and if he’s really the one.

The saying “there’s no love, there’s only proof of love” is the best advice you can take.

Here are the signs to figure out if your man really loves you.

He wants to see you regularly

A man is physiologically dependent to a woman. When he’s in love, he needs to see her often, and be with her. It’s easy to plan a date with him. But it doesn’t necessarily mean he wants to talk or have sex, he just mainly needs her presence.

He introduces you to his friends and family as his girlfriend

If he is in love, he wants you to be a part of his life and to fit in with his friends or family, including his girl friends. He clearly introduces you as his girlfriend.

He is committed to the relationship

You’re not the only driver in the relationship, he also wants you to get involved and do things together, spending a weekend together, going on a holiday together or even moving in together.

He introduces you as his girlfriend, formalizes the relationship and settles his accounts on different dating sites.

He wants to make you happy and is looking out for your recognition.

He’s caring and he’s trying to please you. A man sincerely wants to make his wife happy and often demonstrates this through his actions. He also needs to be recognized for what he does. Paul Dewandre in his book “Men come from Mars and Women from Venus” describes men as dolphins who like to be rewarded for what they do.

He respects your needs, your limits and your freedom.

He doesn’t take away your freedom and understands that you need to see other people. He is open to communication when your needs are different than his.

He doesn’t base your relationship only on sex.

If you don’t feel like having sex, he can wait and is still happy to see you.

He puts clear boundaries with his female colleagues

He closes up “opportunities” by clarifying ambiguous relationships with other women. If it doesn’t come naturally to him, he is willing to do it at your demand.

He finds you attractive and often wants you.

He often wants to sleep with you and he loves physical touch with you.

Your actions also play a role

All your actions can influence whether a man really falls in love with you or not. Because men tie themselves differently in love relationships compared to how women do. If you understand the chemistry of love, you can become irresistible to a man. It has nothing to do with being sexy or following a dating technique.

Your past also plays a role

If you feel that only few men fall in love with you, it may be because you unconsciously reject love:

  • Because love makes you suffer
  • Because love asks you to renounce to yourself…
  • Because love always ends badly

If, for example, your parents were not happy as a couple or you saw your mother sacrifice herself for her relationship or family, you can understand why you unconsciously reject love all the time.

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