4 Months of Coaching
for couples

Are you going through a difficult crisis and can’t get out of the conflict? Do you feel that you are slowly destroying your relationship and that this is affecting your children? You do not see the solution to get out of this vicious circle and you feel powerless? You want to save your relationship but you don’t know how?

From the crisis

to love

A couple crisis is no coincidence.

It happens when life experiences awaken certain wounds from the past and reinforce the interdependence towards the other spouse: the arrival of a child, a spouse’s work stoppage, financial difficulties, illness…

Once the couple commits to a long-term relationship, it is within the couple, in this zone of security and love, that the wounds of each partner’s past will resurface. The couple becomes the unique opportunity to settle what has not been resolved in the first home where we have known this security (or not), with our parents.

And in this fragile phase, love is not enough.

It requires the right tools to understand what is awakened by this crisis, to calm down the conflicts and to serenely start the substantive discussions.

The good news is that this can be learned.

This 4 month coaching aims to help you get through this crisis on your own, because I think it is an important skill to learn, so your couple can continue to build over time and go through life’s trials serenely.


  • Step 1: Identify the past wounds underlying the crisis
    • Take stock to understand which wounds have been reawakened by the crisis
    • De-program your past wounds at the physical level with the psycho-body approach
    • Get rid of the emotional overflow in order to start over again
  • Step 2: Soothe the crisis
    • Understand and change your conflict dynamics
    • Put into practice communication tools to better understand each other
    • See what works well and remember it
  • Step 3: Overcome the crisis
    • Cultivate love
    • Allow each partner time to work on their own wounds
    • Start fundamental discussions and put into practice the tools to get out of the crisis

Time investment

    • 2 times 45 minutes online assessment session to identify the past wounds awakened through this crisis.
    • 2 days of the past: 1 individual VIP intensive day  in Zurich or Lausanne to work on your past and change your love patterns with the psycho-corporal approach.
    • 2 sessions of 45 minutes of Thai belly massage to eliminate the accumulated overflow of emotions*.
    • 6 times 45 minutes Skype sessions to address the different stages of the crisis.
    • Weekly feedback, between your coaching sessions, on your progress to keep you on track. 
    • 2 workbooks with all the tools.
    • Individual support by email for the duration of the coaching.
    • Access to my meditation kit. 
    • Access to 6 kundalini yoga sessions of 90 min.
    • Access to an online platform with all the tools explained in video for 1 year after the end of the coaching.

*If you live far away from Zurich or Lausanne, we can do one longer session for one person.

Possibility to pay in 4 times or by credit card.

They chose coaching for their couple


We are ready to do the work!

How does the coaching
with me work?


The first step is to better understand the crisis you are going through and your relationship history. For this you will have a pdf to fill in with explanatory videos.

First appointment

Through questions (which you will sometimes – not always – not like), I will deepen certain points to understand in more detail the crisis you are going through and the underlying wounds that are awakened through this crisis.

We then jointly define the goal and modalities of the coaching (time between sessions, subjects).

Day of the Past:
2 individual VIP intensive days with me

Once you have done your assessments, the next step is the Day of the Past where you will permanently deprogram your past wounds that are feeding the crisis. For this I use several psycho-body approaches. Our present difficulties are often the result of past events. Getting rid of your past is an important step to move forward. Every important event in our life is recorded in our body. These events leave their traces in our organs and are regularly reactivated when we experience a situation similar to the first event. Over time, our reactions increase: A slight anxiety can turn into agony a few years later.

6 coaching sessions

The coaching sessions are designed to help you understand each other’s functioning, to put into practice the tools on your own and to support you in the steps to overcome the crisis.

Moving on to practice

Because it is the simultaneous application of the tools that will help you regain hope in your relationship and in your ability to overcome this crisis, you will receive exercises to do together between each coaching session.

All tools online

Once the programme is over, you have access for 1 year after the end of the coaching to all the tools recorded on video, for you to remember how they work.

Support 24/7

Because the questions come when you go into practice, I offer individual support by email throughout the coaching process

Yoga & Meditation

Your coaching also gives you access to my meditations, yoga sessions and recorded workshops with wellness experts.

And much more

I complement my coaching with various techniques such as

Meditation, mindfulness exercises, therapeutic stomach massage, Bach flowers. Because I am convinced that body, mind and emotions are closely connected.

If necessary, I can recommend certain complementary therapies if I feel that they can help you get results faster.

We are interested!

I'm looking forward to

getting to know you!