As a single person: is it too late for me to be in a relationship?

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As a single person: is it too late for me to be in a relationship?

You are in your early thirties, or even approaching your forties, and you are neither in a relationship nor married and still far from having a child.

In short, you’re starting to lose hope and you’re wondering if you’ve missed the boat.


You’re not the only one who’s not in a relationship

en couple: jamais trop tard

My clients are often bright, get an education and then build a great career.

After one or two love failures, they find themselves in their early thirties and worry about the biological constraints of turning 40 in order to have children.

The pressure of time can be misleading.

Yes, you have a biological compulsion

Yeah, you need to couple up fast if you want to start a family.

But rather than giving in to the pressure of time, the best service you can do for your future couple is to take the time to choose your next partner well in advance.

Only then will you avoid wasting your time.

How to choose the right partner

What you experience in love is a reflection of the love you feel and think you deserve. And that comes from your past.

To avoid wasting your time, it is essential to heal the wounds of your past that make you meet men who don’t want to commit to you or lead to your relationship fails.

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At the same time, you can clearly define the partner and the relationship you want and that fits in with the life you have already built for yourself.

Then define non-negotiable ones to avoid falling into the next two extremes:

  • Eliminate all potential partners who do not fit into your (long) list from the outset.
  • Lower your expectations, just for your biological clock.

Don’t skip steps

The other mistake to avoid is to quickly engage in a couple relationship by minimizing the dating phase:

This is an important phase to get to know your partner and his intentions with you and also to communicate yours. This phase prevents you from falling down months later.

By observing that his actions show his desire to commit to you, then you will know that he is the right partner.

Because when you take the time to choose right, everything goes faster

The evolution of your couple will take place simply and naturally taking into account your biological constraints.

Still having doubts?

A good way to eliminate doubts from your mind is to find examples of women who found their partner at the same age as you and started a family.

I personally met my husband when I was 32 years old and 4 years later I was married and a mom, just to remind you everything is possible.