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Tired of your overwhelming Emotions?

Stop relaying on others for your happiness and find it within yourself.

Understand your emotions better


and especially why you react like that.


In this free webinar you will learn:

  • Why are you overwhelmed with emotions ?
  • How can you calm them down right now?
  • Identify why you reacted like that

We will end with a practical exercise that will allow you to identify the cause of an emotional pattern you are repeating.

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I'm Sandy.

I am a life coach who made the decision not to be a victim of my overwhelming emotions anymore by changing my life…from the inside out!

Do you recognize yourself


patterns ?

  • Do you have a life situation that is blocking you?
  • Do your emotions often take over?
  • Are you often chewing the same toxic feelings and thoughts?
  • Do you feel like you’re always repeating the same patterns?
  • Do others have the power to make you feel bad?
  • You have already tried everything: meditation, yoga, self-care, reading personal development books… but you have not obtained concrete or lasting results?

Why it is

so IMPOrtant to

heal your
past ?

And for me it is essential to heal to radiate.

Heal from what? Healing wounds from your past. You don’t need to have had a difficult childhood to have traumas from the past. In our childhood, we can be shocked by things that seem insignificant to adults. 

Because without healing, it’s like putting a bandage on a wound that needs to be sewed. It heals badly and every time a life situation “rests” on this past injury, you will have disproportionate emotional reactions: stress, anxiety, dark thoughts, blockage, fear, anger crisis… and you will repeatedly attract the same situations that will prove that this injury is defeating you.

Rationally, you know that this intense reaction is over exaggerated, but you may feel unable to control it. And often, the more we try to rationalize our feelings, the more intense they become.

I'll explain to you how I reach my



The most important thing is to make the decision to change. No coach or therapist can help you unless you decide to change yourself deeply and face your fears.

You should be ready to let go of certain beliefs and strategies of action that you have acquired over time – they may have served you in the past, but now they no longer help you. It is possible to do this work alone or with support.

Personally, I got help with this step. With support, my deep blockages were easier to identify and I was able to transform more quickly, so that I could win years of well-being.

Finally, you must learn to manage your emotions, to do the necessary introspection so that your inner life becomes (again) a real happiness, whatever the external circumstances.

This is not always easy. But it is liberating to have the courage to change, to be happy with your path, to become (again) yourself, to be proud of yourself,  to be able to change your inner life positively, to be serene and happy whatever the circumstances of life. And by this inner work of becoming a best friend, partner and mother.

When you understand the happiness of this process, nothing scares you anymore, everything is a chance..


is an inner work

The coaching I offer today consists of all the tools that have helped me personally to heal myself and be happy. Because for me achieving happiness is inner work.

As a coach, my job is to believe in yourself again, to believe in the validity of your emotions, to help you towards your emotional independence and to pass on new tools to improve your relationship with yourself and others in total autonomy.

We have no control over the challenges that life presents. However, I know from my own life experience that we can decide how to respond to events. We are capable of transforming challenges into positive experiences for ourselves – as difficult as they may be.

I am convinced that certain trials will be on your way because you already have ALL the resources within you to pass them. You just have to (re)discover them.

I look forward to accompanying you through this transformation, like a butterfly.

For you

My offer works not only on the symptoms, i.e. emotional reactions, but also on their causes to prevent them from recurring.
To do some in-depth work on the cause of your problems.

To calm down and find the next steps to follow with more clarity

To receive the first insights and tools

A personalized blend to calm your overwhelming emotions

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The reasons why I became a coach

Take the first step for your inner peace

You find yourself in a tricky situation in life, you are overwhelmed by your emotions or you don’t feel happy in your life and don’t know how to change this ?

I offer you a 30-minute coaching call that will give you clarity and help you take the first step towards your emotional freedom.

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If you subscribe to my newsletter, you will also receive offers. You can unsubscribe at any time. Please read my privacy policy (german only), to see how I handle data. 

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