is an inner work

The coaching I offer today consists of all the tools that have helped me personally to heal myself and be happy. 

We have no control over the challenges that life presents. However, I know from my own life experience that we can decide how to respond to events. We are capable of transforming challenges into positive experiences for ourselves – as difficult as they may be.

I am convinced that certain trials will be on your way because you already have ALL the resources within you to pass them. You just have to (re)discover them.

I look forward to accompanying you through this transformation.

My difference ?

I am working on the root cause

in the validity of your emotions, to help you towards your emotional independence and to pass on new tools to improve your relationship with yourself and others in total autonomy.

My coaching


  • To stop reproducing the same emotional patterns.
  • To have more emotional serenity, whatever the external circumstances.
  • To get you out of a situation that’s blocking you: Career change, work-life balance, relationship problems, rushing women syndrome, mother burnout.
  • To be again a “human being” instead of a “machine”.
  • To regain confidence in yourself and your abilities, so that you can realize your dreams. I help you to become aware that you have a right to be happy, the way you imagine it to be – and not by the standards of society. I support you in rebuilding your trust so that you are aware of your own value and uniqueness.
  • To learn to love you as you are : with your strengths, your weaknesses, your vulnerability and your current life situation.
  • To love your life path and find meaning in your life
  • To reconcile yourself with your feminine and the power to be a woman.

Customer feedbacks

The reasons why I became a coach

Many aspects of your life are blocking you?
Are you tired of others dictating your emotional state?
Do you desire more inner peace and quiet?

From the caterpillar to the


4 months of individual coaching to identify the real obstacles, free yourself from your past and take action to shine .


  • Step 1 Healing from your past
    • take stock
    • define what you no longer want
    • find the origin in your past and heal
  • Step 2 You with You: Be happy alone
    • change your inner dialogue
    • define your support team
    • transcend your fears and act for your happiness
  • Step 3 You with others: Maintain balanced relationships with others
    • become emotionally independent
    • communicate your needs, enforce your limits, give back the responsibility of the other to the other
    •  if the need is there: communicate in your relationship

Time investment

  • 1 90 minute Skype session to define goals to identify your self-saboteurs. .
  • 1 day in Zurich to work on your 3 most blocking beliefs.
  • 2 sessions of 45 minutes of Thai belly massages to eliminate the accumulated overflow of emotions*.
  • 6 sessions of 45 minutes to support the implementation and overcome the first difficulties.

*If you do not live in Zurich, I can replace these sessions with two additional coaching sessions or you can do these 2 sessions with a therapist in Geneva.


Before our first conversation I will ask you to fill in a questionnaire by hand (not on the computer). This will give us more time to talk about your topics during the session. The first conversation is to make a first assessment, to deep dive into different aspects of your life. At the same time we will find out which areas make you happy and which block you. It is also about exploring how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally.

First conversation

Based on questions (it could be that some questions cause unpleasant emotions) I will deepen some points to get a first impression of your basic topics.

Then we define the coaching goal, the coaching modalities (session, phone and email) and the number of sessions required.


Our present difficulties are often the result of past experiences. To free oneself from one’s past is an important step towards progress. For this purpose I use a psychocorporal therapy called Etiopsychologie®. Every significant event in our lives is recorded in our body and shapes our organs. These events are regularly reactivated when we experience a similar situation to the triggering event. Over time, our reactions increase: A slight anxiety at first can become a deep anxiety a few years later.


The following coaching sessions are a combination of dialogue sessions and “technical” sessions to help you, for example, to stop procrastinating, to develop yourself further, whether your environment encourages it or not. You will also learn to use tools that you can use in difficult situations.

And much more

I complete my coaching with different techniques like

Meditation, mindfulness exercises, therapeutic abdominal massage, Bach flowers. Because I am convinced that body, mind and emotions are closely connected.

Depending on the case, I can recommend certain complementary therapies if I have the impression that they can help you to achieve faster results.

Customer feedbacks

The reasons why I became a coach

Take the first step to your inner peace

You find yourself in a tricky situation in life, you are overwhelmed by your emotions or you don’t feel happy in your life and don’t know how to change this ?

I offer you a 30-minute coaching call that will give you clarity and help you take the first step towards your emotional freedom.

For you


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